Monday, April 26, 2010

pot holder how-to

Last week I showed the pot holders that I gave to my engaged friend. They come together pretty quickly so I made a set for my mom since she just moved into a new place and a set for myself, since.... well, since I wanted to.

I will show the steps for this particular potholder set, but leave it open for your own personalization. I am assuming that you can fill in any missing descriptions and/or sewing steps. Also, these pictures are from various potholders, do not be confused by the changing colors of the fabric.

I started with some scrap fabric from my quilt. You can do a solid square (or rectangle) or piece something together. Some were just several wonky stripes, others were more pieced together. You could also use a cutting from an old shirt, an old quilt, a table cloth, whatever.

I like my potholders a little bigger, so this is bigger than a standard potholder. I am thinking 8 1/2 inches ish? Iron any seems down and square it up. Use a ruler mat and cut it out to be straight on each side, assuming you want a straight pot holder.

You will also need a backing piece of fabric. It could be a coordinating piece of fabric, a matching piece, etc. Lay the backing piece right side down. Next, a layer of mylar batting. Then on top place your front piece right side up.

My fabric store calls it thinsulate, perhaps that is a brand name of it. It's batting and a layer of mylar together and provides some heat resistance.

Pin your potholder sandwich with safety pins in at least five spots. Pin all three layers together.

You'll need to sew your layers together. I used my free motion quilting foot to do a meandering stitch. You could just sew a few rows from edge to edge or make some kind of design.

Your layers are sewn together. Trim all the edges now so it's nice and clean and straight.

Who likes pot holders, raise your hand? I do. I do.

When you're doing the quilting part, make sure that your edges don't get caught under. There is optional cussing should that happen.

To do the binding I cut strips of 3 inch wide fabric and folded it in half and ironed it. then You sew that to the front. That's vague... you can find more directions about using binding in this method here at I Have To Say.

I do my corners using directions from that link too.

I join up the ends using directions from that link too. You should go to the link. Apparently, it's a good one.

Then you just flip it and hand stitch the binding to the back.

I did a few each evening. They made for good hand work during Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

I keep thinking of more people who need potholders. Like they don't already have potholders.

This lovely group is for my bride-to-be friend.


janet said...

I love it!!!

Rustown Mom said...

My mother loves making these, too, out of quilt squares she didn't decide to make a quilt of; they are small enough for pot holders. I think they are jazzy and so much prettier than the store bought ones! (: Now I want to make some!

tinahead81 said...

LOVE these!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

My potholders are a mess - I should do this!

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