Friday, April 30, 2010

growing, growing, growing

Our garden is growing. I keep thinking of other things I want to plant, usually after seeing what my neighbors are doing. Here's this weeks addition. Hopefully I'm done digging for this year. (The rest of the fence should be up by now)

Bee has her little garden going next to mine. She helps plant in mine, but she's in charge of hers. I don't see anything growing, but she tells me that everything growing in that area is from her seeds. I didn't know they packaged clover seeds.

Fingers crossed, this will be the first of lots and lots of trip to the garden where we eat something fresh picked! It's way early, but the kids and I were out thinning some spinach plants. I asked if they wanted to taste the tiny tender plants and both seemed eager. Lou liked it so much that he begged and begged for me to pick some of the other smallish leaves. I did. They were good.

He's worse than the rabbits! I think he would have eaten all of them if the could have climbed over the fence. He even picked a young sunflower plant and ate it before I could tell him not to. Bee was rather concerned.

These peas are going slow, but it may be that I'm stalking them. They seem nervous.

The broccoli seems to be doing especially well. I think they like this cool weather we've had this week. The rest of us would care for the warm weather to return.

Something great to come. Bush beans specifically.

This poor cauliflower was an extra. He's growing in a flower bed. The rabbits love him. We sprinkled some hair around him and a few other leftover-flower bed friends today. Hopefully that helps. Yikes, my hair is shorted than it's been in some time!

Baby bird is growing too. This was taken on his 1 week birthday. In the next week, he will double in size!

I forgot how much fun spring is.

edited to add: turns out he's a brother!

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The pictures & commentary are great. It's almost like being there.

Love Always,

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