Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the plasitc bag shirt

This idea is completely , 100% from Filth Wizardy. She has a few posts about using plastic bags to make iron on decals. Here's her first and has all the good info you will need. Here's our go at it.

You need plastic shopping bags with pictures or colors you like, parchment paper, a clothing item needing a little jazz and an iron.

Nosy cat not necessary.

Cut out your picture. This one is to large and you'll see why in a minute.

Place the plastic picture on top of the clothing item. Place parchment paper on top.

Place iron directly on top of parchment paper melting the image onto the shirt. oh wait, that's not supposed to happen.

Apparently this is what happens if the picture is larger than the iron base. It shrivels up crazy like.

New smaller picture ready to go. The iron must really be placed on quickly and evenly.

Then the other secret is that you have to let the whole thing cool before you remove the parchment paper.

We're wearing it to school as soon as it warms up again. Then we'll see how it washes.
That was a fun project with lots of possibilities!

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Very cool.

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