Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sew cute socks

Well, this is not my guest post as I thought that I would be having today. Further ramifications of previously mentioned computer virus. I'm calling it a computer ATTACK! Maybe I should get a mac.

One of the issues I'm having is that I can't upload pictures from my camera to the computer as well as upload pictures from my computer to blogger. (Also can't print anything!) Here is something from my 'vault' of in-progress posts though. It's back from February.

We received these fun socks from Carol at Sew Cute as a little valentines gift to Bee. We sent her a pair of socks and she returned the favor. We made out much better in this deal than she did! How cute are these? They have buttons and beads crocheted around the tops. Bee likes them so much and they jingle just a tad.

Another crafty friend (the goat friend- sorry, I must come up with another way to refer to you!) and I sat and studied them and tried to figure out how she got the beads and buttons on while crocheting. We came up with three different methods, all of which were overly complicated and time consuming once I learned the real method.
Carol doesn't have any in her shop now, maybe she'll put some up sometime. I'm sure she'd make you some up though if you emailed her. (Hope it's OK that I'm volunteering you Carol!) Here's her etsy shop and blog.

Who knows what you'll find here tomorrow. Hopefully it's my surprise guest blogger- but it could be a vault item... sigh.

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Carole Davids said...

I cant believe I missed this post! LOL I will have to bring her some more of these. And I will show you and your "goat" friend how to make them whenever you are ready!

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