Monday, April 5, 2010

eye spy fun

We were attacked by some crazy computer virus this weekend. Thankfully, between my hubby and our computer savvy neighbor, we are back up and running. We have a new operating system and photo upload thingy, so I'm still figuring things out. Here's an old post I had in the docket.... but I have pictures from Easter and a few other projects coming this week as well as my first guest blog. My guest has two posts coming this week- one is a current sewing project and the other is a handy household hint. It's good stuff.

We've been having fun with eye spy games. Lou is surprisingly good at searching out little pictures. We have gotten a few real eye spy books at the library and have a few off brand princess and train themed spy books. Recently, we've been playing with these printouts.

It was a bit time consuming at first, but it'll be faster now that I have the images copied already... I copied and pasted black line clipart from google images. I just searched "outline tea pot clipart" or whatever image. I just copied and pasted into a word doc. Once the page was full, I printed off a few and we got started. We all took turns saying something like, "I spy a football helmet" or "I spy something you wear to help you see better." Then we searched them down and colored them in. If you laminated them, you could use an erasable marker and reuse them.

Now that I have the images already, I will just add a second page to my document and move the pictures down and move them around. It'll be a whole new game.

I'd share the file.... but it looks like that was not one of the files that was backed up. I lost it to the virus. Rather that than the months of pictures I haven't printed out. I might do that today!

Here's another one I found online that is printable:  


Sarah said...

How fun! I would love it if you (find time to) share the file!

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...


Just came across your blog & am loving it. I have a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesdays. I’d love it if you’d stop by & share some of your great ideas for tots:


Katie's Nesting Spot said...

This is a great idea and I am so bummed that you lost the file. It looks like it probaby took some time to make. But I bet he had a lot of fun and it looks easy to recreate. Thanks for linking up!

PS: Glad you didn't lose all those photos. You're right those are much more important. Sorry to hear about the virus.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Thanks for linking up this week. I hope you'll join me tomorrow for another great party!

Lori said...


Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me this week for another great party!
Sorry, it's taken me a while to come and visit, but i was out last week!

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