Wednesday, January 12, 2011

iceskating and reward charts

This iceskating trip was actually back at the end of last year, but I got a little swamped with photos over the holidays and several fun things got buried.   Bee went to an iceskating birthday party on a Saturday and since it was only girls, poor Lou and daddy got left behind.  Bee LOVED it.  She loves it so much that we decided to take the boys the next afternoon.  

Lou was having a rough Saturday evening so I decided to bring out an old behavior plan to use the next day.  It's one that I have used in the classroom.  The student using this little number list would usually start at 10 and then there would be a list of rewards/consequences for the final number of the day/class.  For each behavior infraction, the highest number left gets torn off. 

Bee didn't really need one, but it only seemed fair.  I told them that the ice skate picture was their ticket and as long as they had that, they could go.  I was just waiting for the first misbehavior so I could show them how this worked. Of course, at this point. the kids know all of the behaviors and expectation we have for them.  I was strict with the first infraction.  Kick your sister, no warning needed; Lou lost a number.  I worked really well for us this day.  I will remember to use this one again. 

So, later that afternoon, everyone had a number and picture left.  Lou was on 1 and Bee's hadn't been touched. We got to go iceskating. Of course, I had to be prepared for one of the kids not to get to go.  That would have stunk, but I would have stayed home.  

 I didn't get many pictures, especially of Bee.  I locked the camera up in our locker and didn't get it out until the end of our time. Bee had hurt her ankle and was already back in street shoes.  Two days in a row of iceskating was too much for her!  Me too.

Lou and daddy ended up in hockey skates, which they both preferred.  I tired them too, but the ankles are super loose and I didn't like them at all.

Bee is really good.  Next time she said she wants to wear a twirly skirt. 

It was most of our entertainment budget for the whole month to go ice skating for one afternoon!  Bee has been asking to go weekly since this.  I've told her we'll go again, but until then maybe she can iceskate on our frozen pool!  Not really.  We just need more birthday parties to go to.

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grandma said...

I'm sure it will be no trouble to get that twirly skirt. Does she have some hose to go with it? She looks disappointed that she was back in street shoes when the picture was taken.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the twirly skirt would help.

Love Always,

Kelly said...

she looks fantastic, even without the twirly skirt!

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