Thursday, June 2, 2011

saving the book

Part of our summer school work takes us the old workbooks.  Some of these books might actually be old books. I've collected them from all over.  When I taught, I of course I just walked myself down to the copy room so the books were never written in. Now there are some that I'm using with Bee and Lou.  So that I can use Bee's books with Lou, I've got to keep them clean. (Of course, we do a lot of work that doesn't involve a 'workbook'- but I figure if kids are tested with paper and pencil tests, they need to do some work with paper and pencil- I feel like I've already tried to defend myself here, maybe I have)

I laminated an empty sheet and trimmed it to fit our books.  Two clips hold it in place and now Bee can do the work using a dry erase marker.

I thought she'd really like getting to use a dry erase marker for her work. 

Turns out that she didn't.  She wants to write in the books with pencil.  crud. We've made a compromise and agreed on some books that she can write in.

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