Tuesday, August 23, 2011

class quilt- day 1

Bee's teacher was all in favor of the class quilt.  I have until September 30 to get it done, but the parent teacher group would like pictures as soon as possible to get it on the online auction website.  Geesh,  that part is new.  That means I better get on it! 

The class has a boat theme, so we stuck with ocean animal prints.  Here's what I'm sending into the other parent volunteer today who will be helping the kiddos stamp their hands.   Paint, white square, examples on paper and my sample.

Here are my fabrics for the quilt.  The teacher put JoAnn's gift cards on her 'wish list' and got $40 the first week for this project!  I've already spent most of it, but hope to find batting on sale in the next week or so or I'll go over budget.

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