Tuesday, August 2, 2011

yard sale- close to home

I wasn't going to yard sale this weekend, but I got up on Friday morning to go on an early run an noticed that the street was full of cars.  Upon further investigation (peeking through the curtains) I discovered my next door neighbor and the house next to them were having large yard sales.  Shopping tends to be better than running, so I shopped.  When the kids woke up, we shopped again.  When hubby finished weed eating, we shopped again. 

Because they were neighbors and friends, they sent us home with an armful of clothes for the kids for free which apparently went right into the laundry before being washed.  The second trip and $3  brought home this rug for Bee's room. 

I bought this table for  $5 to be used as a little phone stand in the basement.  I will need to cut the legs down a few inches, it's so tall.  I plan to paint it, but don't think I'll find the motivation until Bee is back in school next week.

I also snagged up this  trunk/coffee table piece.  It's large and has two hinged pieces on the top.  It can hold a lot; a whole person, as Bee noted.  It looks ok in this photo, but it needs sanded or painted or something. There are some kid drawings on the top.   I plan to paint this when I paint the phone stand.  All the hinges and hardware will have to come off, so I'm even less motivated.  I thought it would be nice in the basement but now think it might be too large.  I paid $10 for it, so I can always paint it up and  put it on craigs list if needed. 

The kids and I have been eying this hand pointers at the teacher store, but not for $8 or so that they want.  My sister picked one up this week (to use in her brand new 1st grade classroom!) at hobby lobby for $5 or so.  The book fair that comes to school one week a year sells them too and we are always tempted.  We paid only 10 cents for this one!  I guess it was worth the wait.  Then just yesterday, we saw the same ones at dollar tree for $1. 

While I'm on the subject, sort of.  My oldest younger sister just got her first job!  she's had lots of jobs, but this is her first classroom!    She will be teaching first grade in the school where she student taught last fall and worked last spring as an aide.  I think I'm just as excited as she is.  Ok, probably not, but it's close.  School starts in two weeks or so and today is the first day she gets to get in her classroom.  It's going to be a busy time for her!

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Sugarbug Boutique said...

Do not sell that on Craig's list!!! If you don't want it...measure it for me...Could it be a coffee table?

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