Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At peace with the drama

We seem to be ok in the garden right now.  Little if any drama.  I like it that way.  Here's one day's pickin's.

We only went ahead and pulled the onions because the rabbits had eaten all the tops off and they weren't going to be growing any more anyway.  I wanted hubby to retill that area.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Great harvest! We have zucchinis the size of my leg that grow that big overnight around here!

Sparkling said...

I'm hoping that when all of my tomatoes start to ripen this will also be one day picking for me because I have a million green tomatoes. But, yesterday I found a hornworm, as you may have read, so I dont' know how long these tomatoes are for the world! I just got my FIRST "early summer" yellow squash! In august!!!

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