Wednesday, August 17, 2011

garden love and an appology

I had no idea that this year's back to school time would be any different than last year, but I was wrong.  Full day school for Bee and an extra work day for me seem to make us exponentially busier.  I can't even spell exponentially, it's not in my 3rds grade vocab folder.   I don't know how moms who work full time get it all done.  I have just had a few work days at school this week, albeit not even long days and I feel like things are slowly melting at home.  Tuesday, we were up early, I ran, got ready, got the kids up and ready and we were off to school at 7:30.  The homework was already done, the backpacks were ready, clothes were laid out, snacks and waters packed, lunches ready, my school things were out and by the door,  no problem... we've got this thing down. But then we got home and everything had to be done again, plus dinner made and my work to get ready for the next teacher day and an email sent to the teacher and it was almost 4pm.  Then I realized that laundry was backed up and Bee didn't have what she wanted to wear and Lou was out of undies and the dishes had somehow it seemed continued to pile while no one was home (those cats!). Thankfully, Hubby was home early (a rare treat indeed) and we tag teamed everything until the kids were in bed and the laundry was folded and lunches were ready and we collapsed on the couch after 10pm.  In a few weeks we'll be adding dance class and t-ball and 4-H.  Pretty sure that's going to go smoothly.

Anyway, I got up early again and hopped on the treadmill just so I would have a chance to post something. I type and run, which I hope explains my spelling errors.  Here's something from the end of last week.  I also have pictures of our crashed over corn to show....but they are upstairs on the camera.   Some fellows came in the night wearing masks and helped themselves.  Note to self: consider hound dogs.

Something from last week that never got posted:

I feel like our little garden is at it's peak.  It's wonderful and happy and almost makes me forget the headaches she's provided. And my threats to use lots of poison.  

Here's one day last week and then two days later.  I've already canned the first two batches of tomatoes.  Ketchup is soon to come!

And then some more of this 

 and some of this.

and more canned tomatoes.

If my posts aren't daily anymore, I'm either stuck in a pile of laundry or at the kitchen table assisting with homework. 


Kelly said...

After a few weeks, you'll get into a new routine, and be awesome at it! You are so creative and productive. And the kids appreciate it, even if they don't know it yet.

Sparkling said...

my tomatoes are just coming now and no one has touched my corn yet. but they did last year and you can see pictures of their pillaging from last fall. i just ate 2 ears of my own corn and they were sooooo good. but don't tell the masked bandits.

i can't understand how on a regular summer day, i can get everything done before 8 and be bloggin away but once i have to actually be out of the house by 8:15(that's late but it's just prof development this week) it's like watching me on fast forward and i'm tearing out of the house barefoot at 8:17 because my shoes are in the car and i still didn't do everything i normally do on a given morning in the summer. WHAT is the difference???? just packing my lunch takes up that much time?

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