Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I can't explain this ruin. How to ruin dinner method #88

I can't really explain this ruin.  Hubby brought me home this okra from a customers house. Seemed like a good excuse to fry up some okra.

I followed Paula Deen's recipe for fried Okra. They get sliced, dipped in buttermilk, then dipped in a flour, cornmeal mix.  Then fried until golden.

They looked good, they smell good,  they even tasted pretty good.  The trouble was that they were chewy and stringy.  It was impossible to eat them.  It was like you were left with a mouth full of fur after chewing.  They were gross and I tossed them all. 

Any idea where I went wrong? My first guess is that the okra wasn't ready to be picked?


Aunt Donna said...

Fried okra is definitely a delicacy. Sorry yours didn't deliver ... must not have been ripe.

Kelly said...

The okra I've eaten... is always gross. I have heard that it has to be picked at just the right time, though. it looks delicious!

Amanda A. said...

I might be totally wrong but I think when it's tough and stringy it's TOO late rather than early. I'm sorry it didn't work!

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