Wednesday, August 10, 2011

we're ready

We're all set for Bee's first day of first grade. Some of us more than others.  The lunch is packed, the backpack is stuffed with school supplies, all labeled as directed.  She was certain that she was going to wear her 'Cinco de' Mayo' outfit for the first day (which you may remember involved an undershirt worn as the top).  Unfortunately it doesn't meet dress code, so that was a no go.  We compromised on another dress, slightly less festive.

After back-to-school night, I started feeling like there was just so much to take care of.  Lunch, snack, gym shoes, Ar books, an agenda and somthing about green folders and red folders and a purple notebook for something else  (I had not idea that we teachers stressed parents out so much).  

We made up a few things that will hopefully help with the mornings.  Bee has a special related curriculum each day along with Spanish, library and a spelling test, etc.  Hopefully this little guy will help us make sure we have all the needed items for that days activity.  The colorful clothespin will get moved to mark each day.  Tuesday will be a busy day, plus we have mini 4H in the evening this year on the same day.  She'll be all kinds of well rounded. 

Her teacher told us at back to school night that a major theme for first semester is independence.   Hopefully this chart will help Bee be more independent in the mornings.  This morning, I took pictures of her getting ready for the day.  We listed them all out and have this posted hanging by the other one on the fridge.  I'm hoping to have to be less nagging. 

Her schultuete is ready.  Not that she's asked me about it.  500 times.

Our chalkboard countdown has reached the end. We are ready for school.  Lou promises me we can play monster trucks all day with Bee gone.  (And look at those gumball machines.  They are almost full and we have planned our special trip to the amusement park.)

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Danielle said...

Sounds like you're going to have a very busy school year. I was in 4-H for 8 years and really miss it. I can't wait until Alyssa is 5 so I can get her involved. Though I might have to start a club in our area because the closest one is about 40 minutes away.

Sparkling said...

I forgot you have teaching skills and I was like WHOA, what a great parent! Imagine if like 80% of our parents could be as on the ball (gumball too!) as you are! And to have a kid so ready for school. I know I was always fine once school started, but it was the initial giving up of the freedom of summer that killed me. Maybe it would be cathartic to write a post about it because I can't say that as a teacher that dread has gone away!

They have an actually class for AR? And Spanish as a class in first grade??? What kind of dream school are you in?

Kelly said...

I can hardly believe she's old enough for first grade! But it sounds like everyone is ready. Prayers & Blessings today!

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

Love the ideas in the post. Have a great first day of first grade, Bee!

Jennifer said...

We use the morning charts and even have an evening version with it. It really helps, with their bathrooms upstairs. I think I will be adding a checklist by the door to make sure everyone has the things they need before walking out for school. With three heading out, the mornings promise to be hectic!

Aunt Donna said...

I hope Bee had a great first day! That is one lucky teacher to get someone so ready for first grade. In fact, if she were absent, I'll bet Bee could teach the class.

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