Sunday, August 21, 2011

so much for that

I have the coolest coolest project to share.  Two good ones, really... but I'll try to work on those post today. 

Here's proof of the masked bandits visit to our garden.  They got the first 5 stalks earlier in the summer and now they came back for these five.  I know, 10 stalks of corn won't feed us more than a corn snack, but we ran out of garden room and just wanted to try it this year.  I had thought we'd do a little three sisters area, but the floods came down and the slime went up....  maybe next year.

Luckily, other gardenrs are doing better than me.  I was able to get corn at the farmers market from this guy down the road for a nice price.

I've canned 4 dozen ears so far, give or take what we ate for dinner.   I love canned corn or it wouldn't probably be worth it.  Hubby has pointed out that they do in fact sell corn at the grocery store. 


Sandy said...

LOL... that sounds like something my hubby would say! I still think fresh corn tastes so much better than canned.

Sparkling said...

My heart goes out to you because they visited me last year and left the same wreckage and carnage behind. People think I am crazy to grow corn because when they hear corn, they think acres and acres of it. I just grow it to see that I really can and the stalks leave a nice decoration behind through the winter. And I did do the 3 sisters this year, though I can't say it turned out as remarkable as I thought. Just 3 plants growing together. Duh. I don't know what I thought they'd do. A song and dance routine, I guess! But it's supposed to be SO GOOD for the soil, all of those invisible microbes working together under the soil. My second crop of corn is a-coming, but it's in garden #1 where the bandits pillaged last year, I am sure they've had their eye on things all summer. I'd like to get a BIG NET.

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