Monday, August 8, 2011

satin flowers

Yesterday, I finally posted the ric rac flowers. Well, here are some satin flowers I've been playing around with since the end of school last year. I only remember how long it's been because this was one of the crafts that I worked on while waiting to pick Bee up from kindergarten.  

There are lots of tutorials out there for them, but they are just different sized circles cut from satin and the edges are heat sealed with a lighter.  They are stacked and glued and decorated in the centers.  These all have hair clips glued to the backs.

 On a side note, I ended up wearing the yellow flower from this post in my hair to church on Sunday.

I must have taken 25 pictures in the mirror and still couldn't get one that showed it well.  It was only slightly less dorky than trying to photograph myself outside. 


jess_hak said...

I love these little flowers! So cheery. :) AND your 25th picture turned out lovely!

You got me intrigued with the Millions of Cats comment so I looked it up and Wikipedia (because we all know what a reliable source that is...) said that it is the oldest American picture book still in print. Is that the special thing you were thinking of? It is such a fun book. Brings back childhood memories for me.

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

Cute creations! Where is the local trade shop you speak of? :o)

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