Saturday, July 30, 2011

name this canoe

Last summer, I mentioned to my dad that if he ever saw a canoe for free, I was interested.  I've been watching myself for a bargain canoe for years with no luck.  It was practically the next day and he called that he had found a free one.  It had a thousand pin holes in it, but he was going to work on it.

He spent bunches of time on this and has now delivered it to me.  It's big and green and needs a name.   We are taking it to a friends lake next week and have to get it registered with the DNR before we can take it anywhere else.  I'm going to ask my buddy to cut out letters for me, so our boat's name can be seen.  

Bee's voting for Sweet Pea, since she's big and green.  Do you have any name ides for us?

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jess_hak said...

It does look like a vegetable! :) What about string bean, or green giant.

Really nice canoe! So cool that it was free.

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