Monday, August 6, 2012

The Indian dress

You can't have one kid in a home with an Indian costume without the other wanting one.  Poor Bee isn't as persistent as Lou (as in he went to my fabric stash, grabbed the fabric and said, I'll be waiting by the sewing machine until you make it).  She got put off a whole week.  

No more waiting.  

Bee got her dress.  It came together in about 20 minutes start to finish, which only would work on an Indian costume where it's edges are supposed to be unfinished and a little rough.  I wanted to add fringe down the sides, but she likes a slim look... to all outfits.... no puff.. slim.  We're working on that. 

I traced the nightgown she was wearing and added a zipper in the back.  She cut the belt while I was sewing.  The only additional piece was a fringy 'bib' added to the front. 

She got a little medicine bag to tie around her waist and was all set. 

Thank goodness there was a break in the heat today because she and Lou and been setting up camp in the front yard and playing Indian village all morning.

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