Friday, August 3, 2012

tie dye undies and other birthday reviews

This isn't a paid advertisement, although wouldn't it be cool if it was?  I only ever get asked to write about products (for pay) for products that I'm like, "No, have you read my blog?  I'm pretty much all about not using - whatever said free and paid spot is."  Not that that happens all that often anyway.  So here's a freebie for tulip tie dye.

For Bee's birthday,  we got her some tie dye.  I've only ever dyed a whole batch of shirts, like at camp, where we used full bottles of rit dye.  However, I knew I didn't want a whole wardrobe of tie dye, rather a handful of fun shirts.  I picked up a tulip kit at the big box store near us.

It promised to be easy and clean and give us several shirts in great colors.  We've washed them a few times and while they never look this fresh again, they still look really nice and better than any others I've made in the past.

We had tons of fun and the shirts turned out great.  We even searched down some white undies to be dyed as well with the last drops of dye.  This isn't the exact kit we used, ours had 5 colors and was called like the "bright colors" kit.  Ours has two packets of each color, so we can dye it up again next summer.

Another goodie she got for her birthday was this glitter tattoo kit which she saw on a commercial and begged for!  We are pretty careful not to let the kids watch commercials, but alas, one sneaks in here or there... then we really want whatever it is.  That's pretty much how we know about fruit loops too.

Oh, we've been having fun with this!  We are all inked up.  All the kids in the neighborhood look like they've been to the carnival.  They last for 1-2 weeks so far and the ones not on our hands have done better than those on hands.  I guess all the hand washing kills them off early.  We saw a booth at the fair doing these exact tattoos and for what it would have cost us all to get one, we could have bought the delux kit!

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