Wednesday, August 8, 2012

guest blogger- cooking with Lou

 Lou:  "Mom, you have to tell everybody about my new recipe.  Write it down on your recipe sheet, tell your friends.  It's so good, everyone should know about it!" 

So, Yeah, Lou and Bee use the stove.  They can each cook at least one meal and love to do so.  I'm always in the kitchen nearby, but they are pretty independent with it.  Bee makes scrambled eggs, Lou makes grilled cheese.  

Lou has invented something new though.  A ramped up grilled cheese.  He calls it the cheese and hotdog wrap.  I thought at first he was saying 'cheese and hotdog rat' and I was confused. 

He wanted the recipe shared with the world, so here it is.  He toasts up one slice of bread, then add the cheese on top of the bread and at the same time adds the hot dog in the pan next to the bread.  While the cheese melts, the hot dog heats.  Then you just throw the dog in the middle of the bread and wrap it up.  The melty cheese holds it all together.  He made us all one and it was delish. 

Just trying to train him up to be a good husband. 

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Sandy said...

I love it! Lou is going to make someone a great husband someday :)

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