Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sewing things for a baby

I saw this sun ray baby toy in Parents magazine.  I look through magazines furiously when we take Lou to the therapist.  I only get to go in at the beginning and the end of his appointment.  The rest of the time, he is one on one with the therapist and I sit outside the door and look through magazines like it's my job. Parents was doing a review of the 'top' blogs and Made By Joel was rated as the best craft blog.  Featured was this little baby toy.  I loved it. 

I made it up for a friend's new little guy.  I had a dress started, but turned out to be a boy. 

I also made up this baby snuggler for her.  The free pattern is available here at Probably Actually.  We tried Bee's baby doll out in it before we delivered it.

Now she wants a doll sized version.  I went back to Probably Actually when I linked up just a moment ago and saw her little girl had asked for a doll sized one too.  Guess I know what I'll be sewing next.

All these baby things and no baby fever at our house!  Guess I'm over it all... Except when we delivered the gifts (and this little darling wooden teddy bear toy from plan toys) I got to hold the little baby for some time.  He was all newborn sweet and tiny and folded up in your arms.  ummmm.  Too sweet, but I bet he cries at night.  Cries a lot... yep.

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