Sunday, August 19, 2012


Take this whole picture in for a moment.  Lou is wearing a headlamp because it was too dark to see to do his writing.  I turned off the lights because it was time for bed.  He wouldn't let that stop him.  He's writing a book about a boy who wants to catch a butterfly.  Also- take note of this unique three finger hold pencil grip.  He's a weirdo.

Bee is writing about a family of rats.  Because?  Well, she can draw a really good rat.  

All summer I tried to get them to work on stories without luck.  My sister had given us some extra blank books from her classroom clean out.  I thought I'd let them work on a finished piece in the books, but we never made it that far.  They found the book and just started writing.  If you don't have a sister with extra books, I know you can get them at the teacher store for a few bucks each.  Hopefully your sister has some.

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