Monday, August 27, 2012

nature cards -revised

We had to re-do the nature frames.  We made them last time with contact paper and several got mushy.  We gathered new items, pressed them for a week or two between paper towels and book, then laminated them with my thicker lamination.

This locust wing is pretty cool.

I found this yellow feather under the clothesline. 

These flowers are from a little bush in the backyard. 

The dandelion turned out great. 

They were fun in our kitchen window, but from the backyard looking in, they looked like that plastic winter covering some people put on their windows.   Hubby requested I take them down.

Then we tried them on the light box and really liked them.  

Even the regular leaves turned out super cool.  This method took a little more time to allow for pressing and drying, but has been worth the short wait.  Bee would like us to keep an eye out for some butterfly wings.  Those would be pretty too.

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