Thursday, August 2, 2012

post offcice- dramatic play

This has been our summer of dramatic play.  The kids have really gotten lost in some some play set up with just a few props to get them started.  They are playing a deeper play than they would a few years ago since they know the roles of the players a bit more.  I love it.  I usually have to get them started by playing the first few days for the first 10 minutes and then I can busy myself with something else nearby.  Most of this dramatic play has been happening in the basement, so sewing is my best choice.

Bee is the youngest of our neighborhood girls, but even they have been begging to come in and play post office.   We had a restaurant set up earlier in the summer and we would have 6 or so neighbors over, up to the 5th grader playing!

 We used an old mailbox sorter and some old shipping boxes and envelopes we had on hand to get the set up going.  We added some paper squares to be used as stamps and stamp and ink pad set, colored tape, and the scale from our play kitchen set.  

I think I'll end up dragging my set up into preschool at some point.  If my kids are having fun with it, I am sure my school friends will too.

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Sparkling said...

I read your title and had to laugh because it seems like the post office and drama go hand in hand these days when I have to deal with them!

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