Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy first day of school

The kids were back to school this week.  It's nice to be back on our school schedule.  Plus, the errands get run much more quickly without them.

Bee is in second grade 

and Lou is in half day kindergarten.  

The kids got their schultuetes.  Long story short, but they mostly got coupons for things we can go do. (The longer part of that is that we are trying to bring less 'stuff' into the house.  Less kid trinkets and 'junk' toys.  I did a big clean out and went through the entire house pretty ruthlessly and weeded things out.  It felt good!)

They each have a list to help guide them through getting ready in the morning.  I don't prefer to have a checklist telling me what to do, but they really like it. 

Bee's schedule is pretty much the same as last year. 

They each took their teacher an apple.  Lou has two teachers this year.  He refused to pose for a picture with them. 

 But, here Bee is with her teacher on the first day. 

 Lou has done really well this week.  We were nervous, since preschool drop off did not go well the last several months of school.  We spent the summer visiting a therapist who has been helping him with separation and other anxieties.  We are off to a good start, although he asks when Saturday is when I wake him up each day.  He would like to sleep in. 

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