Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can I just say

Oh my goodness.  Can I just say, I have found a great pencil sharpener!  I have been through more pencils sharpeners than I care to admit.  When I first started teaching I was advised to spend money on a good pencil sharpener.  "Kids go through them," they told me.  I picked out the most expensive one from the teacher supply catalog that my school provided me with.  It was lovely, but come Christmas, I needed a new one. Guess we burnt out the motor.  Since then, I have tried handheld cranks, fancy electric ones, inexpensive electric and frankly at home, I end up resorting to the tiny handheld one that came with a box of pencils once.  Last week I sharpened 2 dozen pencils for Bee with the little handheld and got a blister. 

With all of those pencil sharpeners, I struggled with burnt out motors and jammed blades. Sometimes the sharpeners would eat the pencil or worse yet leave it looking sharp and then when you use it, the lead just falls out.  You know what I'm talking about.  Sometimes they are loud and messy. Not a nice situation.

I digress.  Struggle no more, here is the answer.  I got hooked up with Classroom Friendly Supplies and was able to test out this lovely green model.  Lucky day for me!  This is a terrific find!  Both kids will be giving their teachers one for Christmas and My brother and sister will end up getting gifted with one for their classrooms too.  Look at all that Christmas shopping done!  

The Classroom Friendly pencil sharpener is quick, easy to use, quiet, and does a dependable job sharpening.  It leaves the pencil sharp and study and ready for writing.   The price is so decent, especially is you're ordering more than one.   The company is owned by a primary grade teacher who was also fed up with junk sharpeners and It comes in green, red, and blue (today all the red ones are sold out).

This lovely green one is going to school with me. I'm sure I'll post an update in a few months, but I have high hopes for this little guy's durability.  We've probably sharpened 100 pencils around the house (we clearly have a pencil hoarding issue) without one eaten up dud pencil.  

I even took it in to show my director at school and she seemed interested in getting one for each classroom.  While I had it there, I showed a few mom friends on the playground and we decided to place a order all together to take advantage of the discount price on 'bulk' orders.  It was so funny how excited all these grown ladies got about seeing a good pencil sharpener.  They too have wasted money on junky sharpeners in the past.

I would have to say that it's cleaner than most sharpeners, but there still is a little mess to it when dumping the shavings.   The drawer gets emptied easily from the front and easily goes back in.  I don't think there is a way to you get a pencil sharpener to be 100% clean in this aspect.

The pencil hole is one size, fitting the standard pencil.  My poor fat pencils will have to fine another sharpener.

This is not a paid advertisement, although I did receive a free pencil sharpener to test out.  All comments and thoughts about this awesome device are all mine.

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Danielle said...

That's great that you found a good sharpener, especially for the kids. I remember the manual ones from when I was little that would either take forever to sharpen pencils or would eat the pencil until it was a tiny stub.