Thursday, August 30, 2012

my little sad heart

My heart was crushed a little last night.  Lou asked me to please buy snacks at the store instead of making them myself (his class has a morning snack that each child brings for themselves).  He said people in his class stare when he gets out his homemade snack.  Apparently all the other mothers are buying them. 

I told him I would take him to the store in a few days to pick something out.  My little sad heart is still sending him homemade friendship bread for snack tomorrow.  He's just out of luck for a few days. 

It took me back to the day Bee told me she didn't want me to make any of her clothes anymore, she wanted store bought like the other girls. 

Maybe we need new friends! 

unrelated photo:  Lou making pancakes.  He probably wants those store bought now too.  

unrelated comment about above photo: I want to paint those cabinets, but I am so worried it's going to be a ton of work.

I added photos to the race day post last month.


Anonymous said...

Sigh! Peer pressure, at such a young age.

JoAnna said...

That is very sad.