Sunday, August 19, 2012

marble mazes for little hands

These marble mazes are super easy to make up and can be tweaked for different levels of maze navigators.  I'm sure I saw them somewhere, but I can't even say if it was in a catalog or online.  Wherever I saw it, I didn't make it up.

These four are pretty simple, I'm taking them into preschool.  

Bee and Lou are avid maze solvers.  They've always loved mazes and been surprisingly good at them. This maze gets sewn with a marble in between two layers of felt.  I used a piece of chalk to plan out the maze and then just sewed the paths.

They came together super quick.  I think each one probably took 10 minutes and that was with some planning time.  I sewed the two pieces of felt together first, with the marble inside the new pocket.  Then I drew on a maze leaving a good wide path for the marble.  Then I sewed the lines to create the walls and dead ends, etc.

I went back and added different colored thread a the start and finish of the maze to make those points.

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