Tuesday, August 7, 2012

eye injury part 3

I occasionally get asked about Lou's eye.  How's it doing?  Did his vision suffer?  etc.  People stumble upon his eye injury (caused by Dr. Bronners soap) since it comes up in a google search.  Apparently, he's not the only one it's happened to and a quick search brings people to his story.  I've had two scared parents now email me directly wanting an update, since they've had a little person do something similar.

His eye is great now.  He does have a fear of the peppermint smell!  His vision does not seem to have suffered long term (although he was blind for 5 days!).  I think it's affected his hearing- he's pretty selective now!  Perhaps that's just something about being 5.  It was a long week for us, thankfully I was working part time and had flexible and understanding colleges and hubby was able to be flexible with work too.  Lou really couldn't go anywhere (except the eye dr) for about a week.

What is this about, an eye injury?  Read here:  part 1Part 2. , Part 3 2014

The co-op was initially unapologetic, but when I went in and spoke to someone in person, they were very sweet. I only wanted them to understand that they soap was a liability to them.  Someone else might not be so kind as me about it.  She said they have been so worried and were sure we'd never be in again.  They did put up a sign warning that the soap bottle sprayed wildly and were very apologetic about it.  The eye Dr. did not charge us extra for the weekend visits, and the partner we saw at all of those extra visits (our regular eye dr.) almost apologized that the other dr. in the office had sent us home so quickly the first day without investigating it further.  He said it should have been handled differently and was a mistake.  Except he said it without admitting it was a mistake.

So there, that's part 3.

Lou did have his vision tested at his 5 year old kindergarten appointment and didn't do so well.  That's mostly because he refuses to speak at our doctor office. There is another story though!

(He said he was participating in a 'mud run.'  Geesh!)

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