Monday, August 13, 2012

best part of summer

They aren't pretty, but they might very well be the best part of the summer. 

Heirloom tomatoes just taste better.  These are organic purple cherokee.  My favorite all times are black krum, but I didn't grow any of those this year.  I grew only what seeds I had on hand.  Next year!

The list might be longer than tomatoes. School starts for us in two days.  I need to add sleeping in, long stretches of playing outside with friends, swimming, lazy mornings, going to the water park, and the lack of snow boots.  Those are the best parts of summer. 

(Lou built this balance beams using his tool kit!)

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Sparkling said...

My tomatoes were a mixed heirloom packet and I have a lot that look just like that! I wonder if that's what they are! THey could be anything. My concern is how long to let them ripen before they're too ripe. With those, what lets you know they're ready?

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