Tuesday, August 14, 2012

new preschool table activities

Here are a few new preschool table activities that I have been working on.  I saw the balancing the marble on the golf tee at Pink and Green Mama.  She used floral foam instead of wood, but my preschoolers tear that up.  Man, do they make a mess of it.  I thought of some leftover wood slices from Lou's camp out party.  He helped me drill some holes in a slice. 

Then, while we were drilling in the slices, we grabbed another one and a bigger drill bit and made up a crayon holder. 

When I saw this cool ice cube tray at Target, I knew I wanted it for preschool.  I had picked up the little erasers in the same dollar section a month before.  I thought they'd be perfect.  The tweezers are from Lakeshore Learning.

I'll be able to use these parts and pieces for other activities too.  I love when that works out.

This one may be my favorite, but I'll have to wait until Easter.  When I saw this pattern for a vintage roll holder, I knew I wanted to make it up as an egg holder for an activity.  It makes up so easily.  The free pattern in available here at Ginger Cake.  Looking back at her tutorials to link up, I realized that's the same blog where I found the tutorial for the scrappy pumpkins I made almost 2 years ago.

I'm going to keep thinking about other uses for it, because I love it.  I don't think I'd put rolls it in, but something else for sure.

Look at this great scooper I found at the Target dollar section this week.  It was a long handled back scratcher.  I scored it with a knife, snapped it on the edge of the countertop and then melted the sharp edge with a lighter.  Luckily it all went well.  Isn't it cute?  I will think of many uses for it too!


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