Thursday, June 25, 2009

dandelion prints

You actually don't see a lot of dandelions here in FL, we must have the largest lawn care industry in the whole country. Seriously, lawn care companies even take care of the medians in the road and every neighborhood has a company. Our neighborhood gets mowed, trimmed, and otherwise tended to at least twice a week. Bee spied some 'pretty yellow flowers' at the grocery store by the cart corral. She picked a bunch of them while I loaded the groceries. When we got home she said she wanted to do an art project so I grabbed the flowers. We painted the flower heads (with slightly watered down yellow paint) rather than dipping so there wouldn't be globs of paint. The stems were a little trickier, but we found that if you used both hands, you could get a stamp of the stem easily enough. We ended up with some really pretty dandelion prints.

I want to do something special with them, maybe framing them or using the scanner to help create some pretty note cards.


Lesia said...

She can make these in Indaian - plenty of "pretty yellow flowers" here

Anonymous said...

I believe I might have received one of these pretty notecards. gma

Beth- the mama bee said...

yes, I scanned the pictures and made them into notecards... the yellow wasn't really bright enough, we'll have to do the same with something brighter.

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