Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm on vacation (not at the time of writing, but by the time this posts and is read, I will be). I've had blog postings scheduled to post for the days that we are gone. I have been saving up extra posts, apparently I have too much to share. I can't upload/post pictures while we are gone and won't have steady computer access, so this has worked out well. I'll be sure to share about our trip north to visit family. When the kids play airplane, they say they are going to Elawesko- that's what Bee used to call IL. We are between IL and IN this trip.

Some other blogs this past month have been talking about traveling with kiddos, a lovely summer thing to do. I have extensive experience in this area (plane travel anyway- This is Bee's 9 plane trip and Lou's 6th. They are 3 and 2 respectively) and I thought I'd share just a few thoughts. Today I'm going to talk about the airport itself. Tomorrow, I'll write about what we pack in the kid's carry ons, then I want to share our new luggage tags and fabric handles, etc.

I usually fly with the kids by myself... hubby is sneaky like that. He will be on one leg of the trip with us this time. The majority of my flight experience is by myself with both Bee and Lou.

First, note that the airline rules about liquids do not necessarily apply to families with little kiddos. I have always traveled with drinks and snacks, even yogurt, fruit, etc. My little people drink from our favorite cups, foogo. I fill each one full of water for them and place them in their own tub together when we go through security. When they ask about what's in them- and they don't always even ask- I say it is the children's water. I always add that I am happy to dump it out if needed. I have never (in 9 flights with the kids, that's 18 times through security) been asked to do so. I have twice had the water tested to be sure that it was in fact water.
I always have a small lunch sack with cold snacks; a yogurt for each, cheese sticks, grapes or other fruit, a banana each, maybe a PBJ sandwich, etc. I have never had anyone say anything about this either. It is better to be over prepared food wise! You don't want to have to buy airport food and you certainly don't want to have to buy the $3 bags of trail mix that are often sold once on the plane. I also always have candy with me. Many rules of parenting go out the window when traveling. One of those rules is that it is now OK to bribe children! I have also found that suckers are nice for take off and landing.

I make sure that we are all in easy to remove shoes- nothing is worse than fixing socks an fastening shoes while on the floor at the end of security while people behind you grumble. I also take our mei tai. It is especially nice to have Lou on my back while leaving the plane, getting through the crowd to get to the shuttle which takes you to luggage pick up, then scrambling around to get luggage. Much nicer to have one kid up and out of the way! (This isn't an airport picture, but it is Lou in the mei tai I made and used with Bee. He fell asleep while I was cleaning the house.)

I recommend not arriving too early! I always get to go through an 'express' line at security and end up being a bit early each time anyway. Don't sit and color while at the gate waiting to board the plane, there's plenty of time for that! Also, I prefer not to board too early. I don't do the kid boarding time... we keep walking around. I don't mind boarding last, gives the poor person that you are sitting by less time to get angry about their unfortunate seat assignment.

tomorrow I'm going to write about what we pack in our travel backpacks! The kids can't wait to see too!

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