Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making stickers

I found this great idea for making stickers at Salt and Chocolate and had to try it. I remember reading a recipe similar once but i think it involved vinegar and didn't taste very good to lick. There may be a similar recipe in Kids Concoctions art book too.

While our cookies were in the oven yesterday, Bee and I whipped up this sticker recipe. I had planned for us to do some now and then make more with Lou after dinner, but it set up on us. Take note: this is a one time use solution.

We used a magazine out of the donation pile (our library has a magazine exchange) to make our stickers. Bee painted on the glue, we let them dry, then licked, and stuck to paper.

We will be doing this again, but will be ready with lots of papers so we can use up the whole solution.

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Mary Beth said...

I'm glad you liked it! Hopefully we'll get around to doing it again this summer.

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