Sunday, June 28, 2009

tank to a skirt- a remake

I recently went through my closet and decided to pull the things I don't wear. I am challenging myself to repurpose as much as possible. You will be seeing many items as remakes here. I am embarrassed by a few outdated items (ok, I wasn't embarrassed until both my sister and hubby informed me that little house on the prairie wasn't 'in style' anymore). Here is the first item I worked on. This tank top never fit well. I've been wearing it as a swimsuit cover up, but thought it might look cute as a skirt.


Chris said...

i think it turned out cute! and, i'm anxious to see what you can do with the little house on the prairie dresses :)

Mama King said...

Very crafty! Perfect for summer.

Thanks for the book info. I will look for it!

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