Thursday, June 18, 2009

freezer paper stencil shirts for Bee

A little over a week ago, I wrote about the freezer paper stencil dinosaur shirt I made for Lou. Today, Bee got her shirt. She wanted a fairy, but when I started looking for images, she fell in love with a unicorn. I dug around in her drawers and found a second shirt to use so we could do both. Next she wants a mermaid. Last time I wrote about this, I did not include any photos of the process, so I am today. Here's the freezer paper (150 sq feet for $5.50), my sketch of the fairy on a piece of the freezer paper, and the blue tank top (garage sale for 50 cents).

Cut out the shape. I did trace this unicorn. I just found an image on google images, copied it to word, sized it up pretty big, and then put my paper right onto my computer screen.

Position your images and iron them onto the shirt.

Paint right over the shape. Be slightly careful at the edges that you paint in, not out to the edges. I mixed some colors together to get the paint color I used. When it was mostly dry, I painted over both with clear glitter paint. An older child could do this part.

When the paint is dry, or mostly dry if you are impatient like me, carefully pull the paper away from the shirt. Be careful not to smear the paint or drag the paper through the image (if you could wait). Apply some heat with your iron to set the paint, if your paint bottle recommends that.

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