Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what just happened?

That's right, things are looking a little different here! This is the best prize I could have hoped to win! I won a head-to-toe make over for my blog. The fine folks over at Knuckleheaders sponsored a giveaway at give away today and I won (cause the first winner didn't respond, but none the less!)

Megan really worked with my comments and my blog to get a real feel for what I wanted. We talked about what I like and needed and came up with a great new header. She makes these things called skinnies too, but I rather like the plumpness of my blog. She also made me this great button. I don't know exactly how I'm going to use it yet, but I will for sure... You should totally go check out her cute designs.

The header you see today is what she came up with for me. I told her I liked the old retro girl with a broom and her little girl and she gave me an updated version of that. I think she did a great job! She also was so kind and installed and made all of the setting changes, etc for me. I love how she incorporated a bee and some gingham which I would have picked for myself but did not even think to mention that to her.

If you blog needs some love, in the design area, talk to Megan!


meg said...

Thanks, Beth. Thanks for being so easy to worth with!

Be well,


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I love the new look! It's so professional! I really should talk with Megan.

Lesia said...

Great new look!!!!

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