Monday, June 15, 2009

ideas from the Montessori catalogue

I love when the Montessori catalogue comes, not because I order from it, but it reminds me to get some old favorite activities out and give me some ideas of things to try.

Here is a bead activity that I thought I could replicate. Bee is good about following the pattern, Lou is a rebel.

Here are a few others activities that we forget about, but were happy to rediscover.

Here's our spool bag, it contains some 65ish empty spools and a few plastic laces. They often turn into dog leashes for the little stuffed toy dogs.

Hanging up laundry... that's fun that no one can beat.

Bee had so much fun hanging up laundry (already dry) that she said she could do it everyday. We will see.


gardenmama said...

Aww, I love the little embroidered spool bag!
The hanging laundry is too cute, also a favorite at our house : )

Lesia said...

The sewing machine looks just like one my grandma zurheide had! when I was little I loved to play with it and pump the peddle.

Jedda said...

such fun, it makes me want to order the catalogue too!

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