Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a winner!

no really, I am! I won three things this week. There was a big 'ole giveaway in the crafter blog world last weekend. I would have participated myself, except that I found out too late- not to late to enter a bunch of the 400 some giveaways participating. I won two things and then won something else a few days later from a giveaway I entered a week ago, but it went unclaimed. They drew again and I won.

The first item arrived today. I received this super soft blanket from Made. I had not decided if we would keep it or give it away to one of the several friends I know who are expecting little ones. Lou and Bee both quickly grabbed it and ran off to the couch for some snuggling. Apparently we are keeping it. It's really beautiful and well made. The colors are really nice together. Its the perfect light weight for our FL temperatures, where you just need a little something to keep the breeze from the fans off of you when you're snoozing.

Lou took it to his nap today and must have thrown it over the side with his doll and pillow because I found him asleep on the floor with them all a little while later. For some reason, he insists on sleeping on the floor- silly guy.

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dana said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got it and like it! That makes me happy. And I'm so happy he fell asleep with the blanket, and on the ground. TOO cute.
Thanks for sharing!

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