Saturday, June 27, 2009

Have you heard of this guy?

I'm usually the last to know about new musicians.... I just discovered Jack Johnson about three months ago. I was so excited and told a bunch of people about him only to hear that he's been around for years and has a number of CDs. I was disappointed in my music loven' friend Erin. We used to commute to work together and she was responsible for all of my musical influence for several years. She dropped the ball on that one! However, I think I may be onto someone 'new' here...

My church played this video on fathers day. Hubby and I both LOVED it and thought the artists had fantastic voices. It's Alain Clark and his dad singing Father and Friend. It's a new favorite! A lot of what he sings is in Dutch, but I found his UK website and a bunch of you tube videos. He has some really great music!

Maybe you are already familiar with him.... I wouldn't be surprised. Let's pretend that I discovered him though. thanks.

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Anonymous said...

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