Friday, June 12, 2009

freezer paper stencils

I'm way behind on this trend. Everybody is making super cute shirts using freezer paper to make stencils. I finally remembered to pick some up while at the grocery.

I found an image that I wanted to use and free handed, although you could trace it, it onto the freezer paper (paper side). Then I cut out the image, leaving the outside of the shape intact. I quickly ironed it onto the shirt (plastic side down). Using my new garage sale paint brushes, I painted the shape. I went with green with a tint of yellow on the back. After the paint dried, I carefully peeled back the paper and revealed the dinosaur. I did apply a little bit of heat from my iron to the painted area the next day, just to make sure it was really set. I put a layer of fabric down between the paint and the iron.

Lou liked it so much that he spilled milk on himself.

Bee is wanting a fairy, so I'm in search of the perfect image to copy.


Mama King said...

Cool! I have been wanting to try this too! My daughter is crazy for Dinos right now! She would love that shirt.

Mama King said...

I mentioned your blog and linked on my awards post. I highlighted new blogs I have discovered and really liked.

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

you free handed that dinosaur!! wow.

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