Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meow- using a pattern

I made the mistake of looking at a few blogs with Bee by my side. She spied these terry cloth cats at this doll making site, must have been a link from a link kinda thing. She was really sure that we could make it. I don't use patterns, so I wasn't sure how that would go. I followed it step by step and -gasp- used the directions. It actually turned out pretty good. Using a print sure helped to hide some of the flaws. We used the leftovers from grandma's lunch sack. I love how happy Bee is in the background of this picture.

Lou decided that Bee's cat needed a friend. Here's Lou's cat made from leftovers from Daddy's blue work shirt. The solid color helped make the face a little easier to see.

They were very much loved today, but I am pretty sure that tomorrow, or maybe the next day, they will be in the toy basket with the other shortly loved stuffed animals.

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Mama King said...

Love Bee's smile in the first photo. Made me smile :-) You can see how much she loves her kitty.

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