Saturday, June 6, 2009


Bee earned a camera as a little prize from our prize 'bucket.' She saw it at the Target dollar section and HAD to have it. It says 'bachelorette' and is hot pink and only takes 12 photos, who wouldn't want this. I put it in our prize bucket and she had to earn it. We have been practicing recognizing our letters and she is getting closer, but not quite there yet. We have been practicing counting to 50, again close, but not there. We did settle on earning a set number of marks on her chore chart. Our chore chart includes going to bed nicely and staying in her room during rest time, my two favorites! She earned enough marks and got her camera. It only takes 12 photos and she snapped up the first four before she understood that it was not digital and she could not take as many as she wanted. I tried not to be too strict or guide too much as to how she used it, but I did want her to take pictures of things other than the bookshelf. We dropped off her camera at the drug store this morning and we are all looking forward to what develops.

Here's what I picked up: 1 fuzzy picture of the cat. Only 1 picture was able to be developed. And, it costs $1.57 just to find out. The guy behind the counter explained that often those disposable cameras are recycled and are no good. Bee was pretty upset about it. She finally said, "That's ok, I'll just have your camera." If I can find my receipt, I'm taking it back.

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