Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers day

I didn't get on the ball this year with father's day. I stink. I sent the kid's cards and little crafts to the grandpas late on Thursday, I don't think they'll arrive until Monday. We have two super grandpas (and a great grandpa) and they didn't get anything nearly as fun as the grandmas got for mothers day. Maybe the grandma's will share. The kids made daddy some cards, hand prints on wooden plaques and painted a picture that we attached a poem to at preschool -typical stuff. They excitedly gave those to daddy this morning, but maybe we should have picked up a book or something. I expected them to make something for daddy at church this morning, but they came home with the coloring sheet they had done the week before... I guess they dropped the ball there too. Sorry I stink. Happy Father's Day anyway.

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Grandma/dander5033 said...

I would bet hubby liked the nice breakfast of French Toast made with that special home made bread.

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