Tuesday, June 2, 2009

goodbye 'mama'

I've been mama to Lou for as long as he has been speaking. Mama was his first and only word for a good while. Now, I'm 'mommy'. I thought maybe I could revert him by only saying mama, acting excited when he did say mama, just short of demanding he say mama, but last night when he cried for me in the middle of the night and it was 'mommy' he cried for, I knew it was done. Good bye mama, I'm mommy.

However, he is now saying this- It may be a good trade:


Anonymous said...

Were you really up at 3 this morning. I wish Lou was still calling you mama but the trade is one of the best trades you will ever make. gma

Mama King said...

It is a bit sad when the baby talk goes bye-bye. Just wait til it is shortened to just Mom. But you'll never get tired of hearing I Love You! So cute!

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