Wednesday, June 3, 2009

fun in a box

I saw this idea just this past week here. So I gave Lou and Bee two cardboard boxes headed for the recycling bin and a handful of nails, screws, hooks, and other do-dads from the toolbox. We used our toy tools and two of daddy's screwdrivers to work on our boxes. The kids had a blast and were more than occupied for almost 1/2 an hour.

Note Lou's good form with the power tool. We may do this at preschool next year, depending on the kids. Not so sure this year's group would do well with random sharp nails rolling around.


Kimara@weefolkart said...

Hi Beth... We have been trying to get in touch with you this week via your blog and email. You won Wee Folk Art's gnome and sleeping bag but we need an address so we can mail it. If you are no longer interested, that's totally fine. If we do not hear from you by the end of the week we'll draw another name. Our little gnome is anxious to get to his new home! Please contact us at if you'd like to receive your prize. Thanks!

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I am obviously not accustomed to little people - bc a half hour of occupying doesn't sound all that long to me!!!! I have a lot to learn.

Beth- the mama bee said...

For Lou- a half hour is great! Especially if there's no fighting!

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