Monday, October 5, 2009

2 new shirts for Lou

In FL, everybody has about 2 weeks worth of winter clothes. At least in our area (former area anyway) in Clearwater, winter is a series of brief cold fronts (60 degrees) during January and February. Many days are still warm enough for short (80+). We were still swimming in December and were back in the pool by early March. So, we have been doing some winter clothes shopping for everyone, especially the kids. The kids have been growing so much that little from last year was wearable. Lou did have these two plain shirts that needed a little freshening up.

For the giraffe, I found an image online that I liked, printed it out, traced in on that iron-on interfacing with a paper backing. Then I ironed it on the fabric, cut and placed it on the shirt. After another quick iron and a trip through the sewing machine, we were ready to go.

The dinosaur shirt was made similarly, expect the fabric had the dinosaur print already and we just ironed on the paper, and cut. I left both shirts on the floor in Lou's room when I finished them (he was sleeping). When he got up in the morning, he brought them both out and was very excited to wear them both that day. I convinced him to save the giraffe shirt for the zoo field trip this week.


Anonymous said...

Very cute. gma

Mama King said...

They look great!

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