Friday, October 2, 2009

a few halloween crafts

When we unpacked the Halloween decorations last weekend, we found some fun crafts we had made last year, tucked away for us to discover and enjoy again.

Here is our front window, which Lou has said is spooky! The real cob webs were left there for effect... yeah... for effect!

This footprint ghost can be traced on white paper or painted (by foot stamping) white on black paper. The little eyes and mouth are added with marker. We covered ours with clear contact paper and strung up.

Here is a black handprint bat mounted on a toilet paper roll. I just cut out paper pieces for the face and body. Bee decorated and glued it all together. Ours is strung up and hanging from a light fixture.

I just love these mummys. They are paper towel roles cut to different sizes. Then, they were painted white and a layer of cut up gauze pads were glued on with elmers glue. Eyes are added when its all dry.

The kids got a good laugh out of these spiders. They were made two years ago. They are Styrofoam balls painted black, with black pipe cleaners poked in (and hot glued to secure). A picture of a face mounted on black cardstock is glued on for the spider's face. We attached some fuzzy fat white yarn for the web and hung him up. Lou makes a nice spider.

I just love Halloween. I have a fun Halloween game coming tomorrow and a snack after that!


Mama King said...

Ok, I just about burst out laughing at the spider! Love it! So cute! How can you not smile every time you look at it!

The decorations look great!

Anonymous said...

Very sppoky!!!!

Grandpa A

Clara said...

You are so creative! I love reading your blog!

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