Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diego vest

Customer request is how I come up with most new things in my shop. I had a customer ask me to make a Diego vest. I have intended to make one for awhile anyway, but I always have a long list of things to make, so it never got done.

This vest needed to be a larger 2T and luckily I had a perfectly sized little person to work with for that. I traced one of Lou's shirts and based my pattern off of that. The first one turned out too large, perfect for Bee. This second one turned out just perfectly sized. I used an old cotton shower curtain for the fabric, so this is kinda a remake. I believe this was the shower curtain hubby and I had at out first apartment almost together 10 years ago.

Since I just made this pattern up as I went, there is one spot I know is not done how it probably should be, the top of the shoulders. I sewed it inside out and then turned it to finish up. I could sew the shoulders nicely of it wouldn't flip (I did that the first time). I am not sure how to finish those up correctly. I'm going to have to ask my mama.

It's going to go perfect with the Diego bag she also ordered from my shop. Its a Halloween costume for her little guy, but I bet it gets lots of play the rest of the year too.


Lisa said...

SUPER cute! Great job!

Twice as Nice said...

Thanks for stopping at our blog. I did organized the shop. I have been going to do it but I thought it was going to take a lot more time than it did. Very easy. Thanks for the "push". You sell some darling things. Makes me wish my son was little again! Have a great week.

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