Saturday, October 24, 2009

da da da-da (that's the bridal march tune)

Bee's costume is finally done. She's a blushing bride. She is going to be a warm bride, I lined the dress in fleece! I forgot that we might have some indoor Halloween events to go to, so the poor kids might be pretty warm.... but come Halloween night they will be toasty and not need a winter coat stuffed under their costume!

I hope I am never asked to make another wedding dress. My sewing skills were tested here and did not prove to be great. This silly thing needed altered a dozen times and it is still not the fit I was looking for. Bee was done though, so here it is.

She also wanted a long draggy part (the train) so I made one that velcros on. I am worried that it will get stepped on or just be too much, so at least we have the option to remove it. She wanted a long veil like mommy had, which was longer that my train. We settled on this length, it seemed more manageable. She dug around in her dress up clothes box and even found a ring. Poor Lou had to play groom all afternoon!


Lisa said...

SUPER cute! Great job on the costume. I don't even think that I would attempt that one.

We made your ghostie feet the other day ... CUTE!

Mama King said...

Wow! Can you be my mom?

I bet she will have fun with that costume long after Halloween has come and gone!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress...

Love Always,


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