Wednesday, October 21, 2009

nursing cover

I'm not saying I condone the use of a nursing cover (I don't eat with a blanket over my head, do you?), but when I saw a friend's pretty cover, I decided that it would make a really nice gift for two other friends with nursing newbies. Perhaps if I had had a pretty cover, I would not have been harassed (ok, so that's extreme) by the waitstaff (ok, just one guy) at this horrible (but it was really yummy) seafood restaurant in Indy.

Bee weaned about half way through my pregnancy with Lou and Lou weaned back in February. Much to my hubby slight (well hidden) displeasure, we nursed wherever and whenever. There are probably more than a few times I would have used a pretty cover though. Once though, I nursed Bee at the zoo just feet away from a mama chimpanzee while she fed her babe too. She made eye contact with me and seemed just sure what was going on. It was a super cool moment.

This one has a removable clip. This lets the user clip the strap to a blanket or something else if this is in the laundry. I made the ribbon extra long so that it can be adjusted as needed. Since I don't have nursing tot right now I wasn't able to figure out the appropriate lengths, etc. The bottom cuff has a nice pocket for discreetly storing those lovely nursing pads.

I have never worked with boning, but it was really easy to use in this project. It really is a nice feature. It allows the mama to keep an eye on baby and vice versa.

I can't wait to deliver these goodies to my friends. It's been awhile since I've held a wee little one.

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

here in Mexico, they don't use nursing covers, but they do use huge heavy blankets almost all of the time that they carry the babies. even when it's hot (or, what I think is hot) the babies are completely wrapped up in fleece blankets. It sounded like baby torture at first, but now I'm pretty sure they do it to keep the sun and the noise away from the babies so that they will be calm and maybe even sleep while on the metro or walking down the road or something.

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